Oy sfa consulting-marketing group ltd.

It was founded by Fabian Sivonen, an experienced marketing and sales professional for national and international companies for the past 15 years.

SFA consulting-marketing group Ltd, is a professional company dedicated to providing information and business contacts in Finland and Sweden, located in Finland. We offer our services according to your needs.

Palvelut / Our services:

We develop personalized, quantitative market studies from different sectors. Market prospecting and partner detection.

We help your company to identify the main players in the Swedish and Finnish markets according to your criteria, and a previously defined profile.

We evaluate the suitable collaborators, distributors, importers, representation, and we help you position and outline your offer, so that it is as competitive as possible, and has an optimal reception.

SFA offers translation and interpretation services. We are also at fairs, events, meetings, to help you promote your sales.

Sfa offers a good network of cooperation in the Finnish and Swedish markets.